Laura B Fernandez: Little pieces

Forgive me, I am only human.


Forgive me, for bearing all my heart’s scars from lost wars, for romanticizing pain until it envelops me, making me lose sight of Your bloodied hands, your tattered ribs, while you gasp for oxygen, for light, and for Purpose.

Forgive me, for taking love that isn’t mine to keep, reaching out for…

the best moment in cinematic history

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There is great beauty in time, there is splendor in allowing life to pleasantly unfold without expectation or manipulation. Each one of us has his own pace. Just because most, if not some are far ahead does not mean the other is left behind.

You are strong when you just be



Remember when Stitch took Aladdin’s girl?

A whole new world, huh? I can show you this one and about a dozen others in the next 10 minutes. Get in.


Raven’s dad was a hardcore sass-master.

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